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The place of work is as important as the work itself. SRPM Technology is excited about headquartered at Delhi, the heart of India. This is how our work place looks like!

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Real Estate CRM

   Users and seniors Hierarchy manage
   Customers and their profiles
   Zone wise customer manage
   Car Parks
   Bank Loans
   Customer Care Enquiry
   Prospect Lead Registration
   Escalation and De-Escalation system for pending
   Booking and Cancellation
   Task Management
   Road Show manage
   Re-Sale of Booked Flats
   Multi system Scheduled Follow-ups Phone call, SMS,
      Send Boucher, Site-Visit, Re- Site-Visit, Booking
      (Single/Multi), NTC, STD, Refer to Other Project etc.
   Sales closed for this month
   Project to Project Cross management and link

This is the list of all kind of reports in excel
A.    Booking Details
B.    Cancellation Details
C.    Monthly sales reports
D.    Re-Sale flats(Sold)
E.    List Of VIP
F.    List Of VVIP
G.    Bank Leads report
H.    Weekly Works Report
I.    Reference wise Report

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