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The place of work is as important as the work itself. SRPM Technology is excited about headquartered at Delhi, the heart of India. This is how our work place looks like!

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E-Commerce Solutions

Website play crucial role in todays industry. In fact most people claim to gain a hike of 11 20% in their sales by going online. As they can reach a vast crowed now. And approach a client almost anywhere. That is why everybody now days are going live. But we at CWS understand that taking business to the next level is a big responsibility. It takes investment, hours of hard work, because every single detail matters.

But with our special range of custom E-Commerce Solution we help you achieve that without putting any extra burden on your mind or pocket.

Whether you want start with a new e-commerce website, or upgrading your existing one, we are the right e-commerce solution provider for you. Our e-Commerce Solution developers are dedicated to work hard on your project. Our e-Commerce Solutions are very helpful to companies, as well as individuals in starting or expanding their e-commerce businesses.

The main Idea behind the e-Commerce Solution is to build a strong business base, not just a pretty website for our clients.

Our favorite e-Commerce Solution are Magento, OpenCart, prestaShop. As these feature-rich, open source e-Commerce Solution offers merchants complete freedom and control over the look, feel, and functionality of their online stores.

E-Commerce Solutions

  • E-Commerce Web Design and Development
  • Open Source E-Commerce Solutions
  • Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization
  • Merchant Payment Gateway
  • Training and Support
  • Custom Shopping Cart
  • Custom E-Commerce Solutions (B2B and B2C)
  • 3rd-Party Application Integration (CRM and ERP)
  • E-Commerce Hosting

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